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It started off as an idea to host our own little party on my acreage and turned into one of my best selling days yet! 

Since starting in May 2017, I have met some of the most amazing and wonderfully talented women and I wanted to showcase them and their stores too.  I invited a few I'd met personally and a couple that I had only met over Instagram. It's amazing, the relationships that I've built online just by sending messages back and forth. 

I wanted to do something mid-week, since a lot of us are right in the middle of the busiest season with festivals and events every weekend. 

I did a small amount of paid advertising for the event, shared it in a personal email to all of my previous clients, shared in on Facebook and the vendors that came shared on their social media too. 

I'm all about Women helping Women, and so I wanted to keep things really simple. As much fun as this work is, it's exhausting. The prep that goes along with each show, the countless hours of steaming, sewing, packaging, loading and unloading, it is worth it, but we wanted to keep things relatively simple for our vendors. Thanks to my Mama Bear Sheila we had a red and white sangria, coffee and some delicious cookies from  Confetti Sweets, which everyone loved. Thanks Mama!!!

Let me proudly introduce my newest friends and vendors:


I met these wonderful ladies when we were set up next to one another at the Just a Little Night Market in May. We were miserable because it was raining and cold, but we kept one another laughing and we shared our stories...and perhaps some Bailey's.  They too were a new company testing the market out and learning as they went.

Billy and Sheri are from Edmonton & Stony Plain, Alberta.  Road Petals is Edmonton's first travelling flower shop. These ladies roll up in their 1973 VW van, open their doors to unleash the freshest floral scents and set up buckets of incredibly fresh flowers.  They've got ready made small bouquets, pick your own arrangement and floral crowns at really affordable prices.  
Road Petals














I've been fortunate enough to take a few of these home and let me tell you, they last for at least 2-3 weeks without wilting!  

Road Petals Bouquet





I met Nicole at my grand opening at the Rainmaker Rodeo.  She came into the shop, looked around and then told me that she too had a mobile boutique.  She had just purchased her truck and was in the process of completing renovations.  I was SO happy when she reached out to me to let me know that the truck was ready and that she would be happy to attend the Backyard Market. I had also received texts from friends letting me know that I had competition at the Framer's Market in St. Albert.  Instead of being jealous or thinking of her as competition, it got me more excited! Yes! I'd love to organize a road show for us next year and have a train of mobile vendors travel around Alberta!

Nicole also hooked us up with some press. She had done a press release last week and as the journalist was interviewing her, she mentioned Prairie Couture and our Backyard Market event. We are so grateful too because Dayla Lahring from the St. Albert Gazette arrived, hung out with us, took pictures, interviewed us and will be writing an article on the new trend of mobile boutiques. I'm telling you, I'm beyond blessed. Every little bit of publicity we get is at the right time and we are so grateful for all of it! 

Out of the Blue Mobile Boutique

Out of the Blue Mobile Boutique specialize in handmade jewelry, accessories and decorative accents. Nicole, the owner, is a child and youth care Counselor, proud mother, and dedicated crafter of all things! Her love of crafting began as a child, however, she lost it through adolescence and early adulthood. Five years ago while getting in touch with her Metis roots, Nicole began traditional craft and beading classes. She immediately fell in love and from there developed her passion for jewelry making and crafting of all sorts. 





Well this one was really a no-brainer for me.  Renata is my sister.  A mother of two under two years old.  A go-getter.  The smartest gal I know.  She's studied to be a Chiropractor and is in the midst of writing her Canadian exams.  In the meantime, she is a LipSense Distributor. Renata hosts private parties, online parties and is a vendor at local events like the Backyard Market! 

LipSense is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off! It does not dry out your lips, and you can mix colours for customization. I myself have used the product and it's true, this stuff does not come off easily. I love the colour Sassy Z, Bombshell and Sheer Berry and it seems these colours really look good on anyone. 

LipSense Distributor





I met Chantelle and Holly at the Fashion Fest in June which was held at Northlands Expo. It was the first year running the event and I envision this show being a great success in the future.  We had a bit of downtime, and I met these lovely ladies who are from Morinville and Spruce Grove, Alberta.  I've been eyeing up the same scarf since I met her and guess what? I got to take that beautiful piece home with me last night.  Chantelle is working on a men's line right now too.  I love the button detailing, the reversible and comfy scarves.  They really change an outfit AND keep you warm. 

Designer scarves made with love from the beautiful prairies of Alberta. 


Elizalyn Designs





I met Lorie on Instagram believe it or not.  Not only did we meet online but she already knew my son because she's also a substitute teacher. She's a newlywed of 10 years, with a blended family and 5 kids! Lorie has a heart of gold, is incredibly talented, and another super addition to our market.

I'm fairly certain that this was made for me. Lorie have you been speaking with my husband?

Made for me

Lorie gives second chances to things that been put in a corner. An old picture frame gets recreated into a magnetic chalkboard, a coffee table that is not getting used, painted and waxed and created into something beautiful.  She takes a blank canvas and customizes a one of a kind design or saying on them. She is an artist at heart. 



and last but not least..



Shauna is another woman I met on Instagram. We spoke back and forth and then met for coffee a couple of weeks ago.  She is an Event Stylist and that's exactly what she did in the backyard.  Backdrop Envy rent decor, props and backdrops for photo-shoots, events and weddings. My absolute favourite is the lace tipi, and this was placed right in the middle of our vendors on top of a metallic cow hide rug.  She placed a whimsical guitar  in the trees along with oversize flowers, a dream catcher hoop, antlers, tea tray and more.  

Backdrop Envy



My biggest fear was that nobody would come. But at 2:00 they started rolling in.  Friends, acquaintances from high school, previous customers, family, people driving by, neighbours. The day and night went by so quickly, in between customers we got to visit and get to know one another, shopped the other vendors products, laugh and dream.  

Backyard Market


At 8:03 we were tearing down and decided that it was such a success and we had so much fun time that we have booked our next date, August 16. 

All the ladies!


If you are a local Edmonton and area mobile vendor, we'd love to hear from you.  We are looking for 3-4 additional vendors for this event.  Please send an email to and tell us about yourself and your product.  

Thank you to fashion blogger Jen at A Beautiful Inspiration  for coming out to meet Liv (Prairie Couture trailer) and all of our other vendors. Jen and I met over Instagram, she has been a huge supporter of Prairie Couture which we are grateful for.  She is humble and kind and doesn't realise how much she helps the little guys like me.  Jen brought along her friend who is a photographer from LifeDotStyle.  Lisa is one of a duo who do wedding and boudoir photography. Have a look at their website because their work is amazing.  We love her saying, "we work as a team because two heads are always better than one". This is exactly how I feel when working with all of you lovelies! 

Jen & Lisa Screenshot

Screenshot from Jen's story! 



I also want to give a special shout out to the Husbands. Michael, Doug, Ryan, and my husband Iain, thank you for supporting your wives.  Thank you for helping your wife follow her dream. Thank you for the support you offer, the trucks and muscles, but mostly the love that you show her by coming out and supporting her. 

 ****Addition*** our Backyard Market made it into our local newspaper the St. Albert Gazette***

 ***We've included links to vendor pages, click their business name to go to their website or the Instagram logo to go to their IG pages***



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